“Is Free Truck Driving School Really Free?”

“Free” truck driver training isn’t really a thing except for rare local instances, what you are looking for is company paid training.

Students are normally required to work for the company for at least a year after graduation as reimbursement. And though some companies do have programs with high success rates(linked above) you must read the fine print and consider the details, plus there are scams.

Major Consideration, Pass/Fail: In many cases, if you do not pass the course, the costs will be handed over to you for full re-payment.

Scam: The company decides they don’t want to hire you anymore and you are now responsible for all of your CDL training costs.

Other Considerations

[Dramatization] you pass your training and starting working for the company you agreed to a contract with. Like many inexperienced drivers, you may discover too late that the company is paying you very little for long hours and you want out of the position. If you decide to leave, you will have to pay for your CDL training and in some cases – plus interest too.

The safest way to secure a successful career as a professional truck driver is to go to an accredited CDL training school or a highly reputable national company. A good school will have job placement options that pay for your tuition as you work with that company.

Some things are in fact free, like our CDL study guide.

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