Different Types of Truck Route Options

Once you have decided on a truck driving job, it is important to find out what type of truck routes you will be expected to run. There are many differences in the routes you could be given. Each truck route varies in the amount of time spent on the road and the type of cargo carried. In addition, certain types of truck routes can have a large impact on the amount of time spent at home.

Local Truck Routes

Local truck drivers typically travel within the state where they live, making deliveries to local stores and other area businesses. Because local truck drivers can expect to be home nightly, the competition for these truck driving positions is high throughout most states. More about local routes >>

Regional Trucking Routes

Regional trucking jobs cover certain regions inside a state or specific regions of the country. On an average regional truck route, drivers are on the road between 7- 10 days at a time, where their freight varies from day to day. Regional trucking jobs are desirable to individuals interested in the option of more regular home time. More about regional routes >>

Dedicated Truck Routes

Dedicated drivers are aware of their trucking routes and destinations in advance. Some drivers even know the exact weight of the load, as well as the mileage and income they can expect each week. Dedicated trucking jobs are a great option for drivers looking for predictable home time and a stable income. More about dedicated routes >>

OTR & LTL Trucking Jobs

If you’ve spent time searching for a trucking job, you have probably noticed two distinct types of truck driving jobs: over the road (OTR) and less than truckload (LTL) trucking. The lifestyle of an OTR trucker is drastically different from that of an LTL trucker though each type of trucking comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. More about OTR & LTL >>