Dedicated Driving Jobs

For drivers looking for predictable home time and a stable income from their truck driving job, dedicated trucking routes are a great option.

In dedicated driving jobs, drivers can serve a certain area and company, or the same route every time. In the majority of cases, dedicated drivers are aware of their route and destination in advance. Some drivers even know the exact weight of the load, as well as the mileage and income they can expect each week. Since dedicated truck drivers have a more reliable work schedule, they are able to schedule their personal life around their job.

Dedicated truck drivers become the face of the company and develop more personal relationships with their customers. Because of the ongoing relationship, there is a higher level of commitment and expectation. This means that rates can be higher, and drivers can expect more pay in return.

While all sized trucking companies offer these routes, dedicated driving jobs are typically harder to find. Availability will differ in each location, however if you live in an area with large manufacturers or distribution centers, the chances of finding dedicated driving jobs are greater.