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CDL Passenger Endorsement

A CDL passenger endorsement is required for any commercial vehicle that transports 16 or more passengers including the driver. These include livery vehicles, motor coaches and public service motor vehicles. Those applying for the passenger endorsement must satisfy knowledge and skills test requirements.

To pass the knowledge portion of the CDL passenger endorsement test, the driver must be knowledgeable in the following topics:

  • Procedure for loading/unloading passengers
  • Use of emergency exits, including push-out windows
  • Responses to such emergency situations as fires and unruly passengers
  • Procedures at railroad crossings and drawbridges
  • Proper braking procedures

To pass the skills section of the CDL passenger endorsement test, the applicant must take their test in a passenger vehicle satisfying the requirements of that group. Do you need help studying for your passenger endorsement? Find a local CDL training school.

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