CDL Study Guide Materials

Here you can begin studying for your CDL exams before you ever step foot in the classroom.

Use these resources as your CDL study guide. CDL training is the first step to a successful career as a truck driver!

Free CDL Manuals

Your state’s CDL Manual is a great CDL study guide. CDL Manuals contain the information needed to pass your state’s CDL knowledge and skills test. They also can be used for reference on your path to becoming a truck driver. Printable State CDL Manuals >>

Trucking Terminology

Each profession has its own set of words and phrases that help members of the profession communicate with each other effectively. A successful CDL training program will introduce new drivers to the terminology they will use as professional truck drivers. This special “trucker language” is just another part of the lifestyle that makes professional truck driving so rewarding. Trucker’s Lingo >>

CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

The CDL pre-trip inspection is an important part of truck driver training and something you will use very often in your career as a truck driver. Most states require trucks to pass a pre-trip inspection test before obtaining a commercial driver’s license. Use our CDL pre-trip inspection checklist as a study guide. Pre Trip Inspection Checklist>>

More Practice Test Study Pages

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