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Inside Semi-Truck Sleepers

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The inside of a semi-truck is a complete mystery to many people. Thousands of men and women spend weeks at a time inside these vehicles, yet many of us have never seen one from the inside. Because of the nature of the job and the amount of time spent in the cab, the actual amenities a truck provides can be surprisingly accommodating.

Featured image above is a Mack Sleeper interior, visit their Highway Brochure PDF document to learn more about it.

The confined space can take some getting used to, but the highly-rewarding nature of life on the road can easily outweigh the tight quarters. Part of choosing a career as a professional truck driver is to make sure you’ll be able to adjust to the unique living conditions.

peterbilt sleeper truck interior

The picture is a Peterbilt from a few years ago but you get the idea. It’s nice!

Common Amenities In A Sleeper Cab

mack sleeper cab truck amenities

To give you a better idea of what to expect, here’s a list of the most common things found inside basic semi-truck sleepers:

Sleeper Berth Area

Most over-the-road (OTR) semi-trucks have a twin size bed that pulls down from the wall. A thick curtain that blocks out any light is also a helpful accessory to keep near the bed. Just like a car, a truck can’t run all night during sleep hours. In extreme weather season, many truckers will stay at a motel to avoid losing any sleep.

mack super liner sleeper cab

Image is from the interior of a Mack Super Liner Sleeper Cab.

Storage Compartment

It’s no secret that storage space is limited inside a semi-truck. Most of them have places to store things like clothes, food, toiletries and meal prep utensils. However, some trucking companies put restrictions on what a trucker can store on-board. The featured image at the top of this post shows storage compartments in a Mack.

Food Conservation Methods

There are creative ways to keep food in fresh condition while on the road. Thermo-electric coolers, travel refrigerators, and ice chests are three of the most popular ways. Ice chests are typically the most effective way to keep foods cool. The only downside is the consistent need for ice refills.


The little things can make a big difference when it comes to living in a small space. Having a source of electricity can make life a lot easier for some truckers. Electricity can be useful when it comes to personal hygiene appliances, cooking equipment and truck support tools. Diesel-powered auxiliary power units (APU) or an inverter both provide electricity. An APU is better quality but is much more expensive.

There are also some very nice portable solar powered energy stations I’ve seen used by inventive truckers. The below image is from a forum discussion about trucks & solar. (it’ll launch in a new window)


Pulling over every time nature calls can take away from valuable time on the road. Therefore, a portable toilet is one of the best investments a trucker can make. Portable toilets vary in size and color and have several different tank sizes. Truckers can also buy additives to reduce odors and break down waste.

Life inside semi-truck sleepers can be compared to living in a small apartment. Having the appropriate features and tools can make the trucking lifestyle even more enjoyable and relaxing.

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