Q: What is a CDL School?

A: A CDL truck driver’s license school is a learning institution offering courses that typically consist of two stages of truck driver training, classroom training and field training(on the road).

There are no online CDL classes currently available but there are online trade school programs available.

Classroom training covers safety, regulations, trucking terminology and the information you will need to pass the written test, obtain a learner’s permit and begin field training.

During field training, you will be taught how to safely and efficiently operate the vehicle in various situations and conditions.

CDL Schooling consists of truck driver training with the goal of obtaining a state-issued Class A Commercial Drivers License (CDL). The Class A CDL is a state-issued driver’s license with an endorsement that allows you to drive large, commercial tractor-trailers. The vast majority of drivers on the road with this license receive professional training from a CDL school.

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Choosing The Right School

You can find a school (in most locations) using the form on this site, but we highly suggest you research all your options first. 

Because of loose regulations, choosing the right CDL school isn’t always easy to do. There are many CDL truck driving schools run by one or more owner-operators who have big dreams of opening up a CDL school of their own. Most of these schools are unable to secure financial aid for their students, which forces potential students to come out of pocket for 100% of the tuition. Their lack of reputation also makes it difficult for newly trained truck drivers to secure employment after graduation.

If you’re looking into CDL truck driving schools, be sure to check with the admissions department to ensure they have financial aid options available for qualified applicants and they have an active, career services department that can help you find a truck driving job after you’ve completed training.

Choosing a Training Program

The variety of training options can be overwhelming. Consider these factors on your search for the best CDL training program. More about cdl schools >

Weekend Trucking School

Finding the time to attend classes while working can be a challenge. However, there are many schools that offer alternative schedules. More weekend class info >

You can find programs at all Types of Trade Schools not just CDL training ones.

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