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Choosing a Truck Driving School

The Class A CDL is a state-issued driver’s license that allows you to drive commercial tractor-trailers. The vast majority of CDL drivers on the road receive professional training from a CDL school. Because of loose regulations, choosing the best CDL school isn’t always easy to do and the variety of training options can be overwhelming. Consider the following factors while searching for the best truck driving school for you.

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There are many startup truck driving schools run by one or two owner-operators who have big dreams of building a large school. That’s not a bad thing, but many of these startup schools are unable to secure financial aid for their students. That forces potential students to pay out of pocket for 100% of their tuition costs. If you’re looking into one of these smaller CDL schools and need financial aid, be sure to check with their ‘admissions department’ first, to ensure they have financial aid options available.

Startup schools or smaller schools may also have limited reputations,  which may make it difficult for a newly trained student to secure employment after graduation. This is not always true but it is something to consider. If finding a job fast is important to you, ask your potential school about their job placement services and success rate. Effective job placement services can help you find an entry level truck driving job soon after you’ve successfully completed your training.

What is a Truck Driving School?

A truck driving school is a learning institution offering truck driver’s license training. Training typically consists of two stages, classroom work and field work. The top schools generally offer some form of financial aid assistance and job placement services. Many of the schools with the best reputations are also accredited or have some form of licensing in their State.

What is Truck Driver Training Like?

CDL schooling consists of classroom work and in-the-field truck driver training with the goal of obtaining a state-issued Class A commercial drivers license (CDL).

  • Classroom Training – Classroom training covers the CDL manual and any information you will need to pass the written test, obtain a learner’s permit, and begin field training. You’ll also learn trucking terminology during this portion of your program.
  • Field Training – Field training is conducted in a lot or on the road. During the field work portion of your program you’ll be taught how to safely and efficiently operate the vehicle in various real world situations and conditions.

Truck Driving School Schedule Options

Finding the time to attend classes while working can be a challenge. However, there are many schools that offer alternative scheduling like evening or weekend class options. More weekend class info >

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