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Evening, Night & Weekend CDL Classes

Most CDL school and trade school commercial driver’s license training programs are 160 hours and students enrolled full time are able to finish them in about a month.  Trying to find the time to attend CDL classes while working a full-time job, however, can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are schools in our network that offer alternative training schedules.

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Alternative training programs include:

  • Weekend CDL Training – Weekend CDL classes may be spread out over an eight-week program that runs all day (from 7 am to 6 pm) on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Night CDL School – Night CDL classes usually occur on weeknights and go for four to eight weeks straight, typically for five hours each night.

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Go to trucking school and work a regular job too!

There are ways to attend truck driving school, even if you work full-time.

If you work irregular hours and neither of the above options works for you, there’s still some hope for attending truck driving school. Consider the following:

  • Switch shifts – If you can pick up extra shifts during the week to clear up your weekend, you can enroll in training on Saturdays and Sundays. Or if you can arrange to work nights at work, you can attend regular daytime training.
  • Save up – If you can save up money in advance, you may be able to get through CDL training by working reduced hours or without working at all.
  • Finance your personal expenses – While many schools can help finance your training, your bank may give you a separate loan to cover your bills and personal expenses while you train.
  • Cut back to part time – If you can cut costs in your personal life, you may be able to cut down your hours at work so that you only need to work part-time. You can then arrange your shifts so they fit better with the CDL training schedule.
  • Ask for help – Ask your friends and family to lend a hand in other areas of your life, like with babysitting or other responsibilities that are important but time-consuming.

Are there Online CDL programs?

There are no complete online CDL programs currently available but some schools have part online programs. Depending on your location, other trade school programs with online, night and weekend classes may be available.

Popular US Cities for CDL Training

(most have night or weekend classes)

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