Evening, Night & Weekend CDL Classes

Most CDL training programs are 160 hours and students enrolled full time are able to finish them in about a month.  Trying to find the time to attend CDL classes while working a full-time job, however, can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are schools in our network that offer alternative training schedules. Fill out the search application to find a CDL school near you. Alternative training programs include:

Go to trucking school and work a regular job too!

There are ways to attend truck driving school, even if you work full-time.

If you work irregular hours and neither of the above options works for you, there’s still some hope for attending truck driving school. Consider the following:

Are there Online CDL programs?

There are no complete online CDL programs currently available but some schools have part online programs. Depending on your location, other trade school programs with online, night and weekend classes may be available.

Popular US Cities for CDL Training

(most have weekend classes)

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