How Long does CDL License School take?

Depending on class structure, most CDL training programs last from 3 to 12 weeks. An example 3 week course is one with an accelerated daytime schedule. An example 12 week course would be one with part-time weekend classes.

Regardless of your availability, our partner’s CDL training programs are designed to be flexible while still getting you on the road as a truck driver as soon as possible. Learn about night and weekend classesfinancial aid assistance and paid CDL training.

Why Consider Truck Driver Training?

A trucking job is the primary reason you are considering getting started as a professional truck driver in the first place. Truck drivers who graduate from the top trucking schools often have access to student services like job placement, resume writing and interview preparation too.

CDL Training Today works with schools that offer outstanding hands-on training with late model equipment and are approved by authorities and have a full-time job placement department.

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