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Truck Driver Training Q & A

We’re sure you have questions about CDL training, especially if you are looking to begin a truck driver training program. CDL Training Today has put together a list of our most common questions to help you decide if becoming a truck driver is right for you.

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How Much is CDL Training?

“Truck driver training classes at CDL schools, trade schools and technical colleges vary considerably in cost from between $1500-$8000.” Read: how much is CDL training >>

How Long is CDL Training?

“Depending on class structure, most CDL training programs last from 3 to 12 weeks. An example 3 week course is one with an accelerated daytime schedule. An example 12 week course would be one with part-time weekend classes.” Read: how long is CDL training >>

Each state is responsible for regulating the requirements needed to obtain a Class A CDL. Some states set specific guidelines for how long training should last and how many hours of classroom and on-the-road instruction should be included in the CDL training curriculum. Other states allow the truck driver training schools to determine the appropriate length of training.

How Hard is CDL Training?

Many people choose not to attend CDL training because they are worried that driving a truck will be too hard or the written CDL exam will be too complex for them to pass. We believe the best way to learn is by doing. Our truck driver training programs consist of thorough, in-depth classroom review of the skills and knowledge base you need to pass the written exam. Programs also include a driving course that will give you the confidence and road skills necessary to enjoy a safe and rewarding career as a truck driver. Read: how hard is truck driver training >>