How Hard is CDL Training?

One of the first questions that new driver trainees ask is, “how hard is the training program?” Many worry that driving a truck will be too hard, or that the written CDL exam will be too complex for them to pass. CDL Training Today believes the best way to learn is by doing. Our CDL training programs consist of a thorough, in-depth classroom review of the skills and knowledge base you need to pass the written exam. They also provide students with a driving course that gives them the confidence and road skills needed to enjoy a safe and rewarding career as a truck driver.

Every day hundreds of men and women from all walks of life get started on new careers as professional truck drivers. Their first step? CDL Training Today’s network of training schools. During the classroom portion of your CDL training, you will learn the technical aspects of driving a tractor-trailer. This includes CDL permit requirements, keeping driver logs, reading maps, trip planning, pre-trip inspections and much more. This classroom instruction will prepare you to ensure safe over-the-road trips in a tractor-trailer and ultimately help you to pass the state-administered CDL permit exams.

After you have completed the classroom portion of your CDL training and you’ve passed the CDL permit exam, you will be ready for hands-on instruction taught on the school’s driving range. This part of CDL training will allow you the opportunity to learn turning maneuvers, how to safely back the truck up and how to change lanes. Once you have mastered the skills taught on the driving range, you will begin training on nearby streets and highways, putting your recently learned truck driving skills to use in a practical application.

Overall, CDL training is a fun and exciting journey that can (and is often) completed by people of all ages. Our professional CDL trainers are licensed and experienced instructors. Their goal is to make sure that you can safely and enjoyably master the skills necessary to have a rewarding career as a professional truck driver.

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