Truck Driver Training Outline

The Commercial Vehicle Training Association does not certify truck driver training programs nor does it require members follow a specific curriculum. After various inquiries, however, the CVTA has provided a suggested outline of subjects to be taught to all entry-level commercial driver trainees.

Section 1 – Basic Operation

The first section of the truck driver training outline covers the interaction between students and the vehicle, introducing students to the components of the tractor-trailer and it’s basic maneuvers. It is intended to teach students how to control the vehicle and ensure it is in proper operating condition.

Section 2 – Safe Operating Practices

This section covers the interaction between the student, their vehicle, and the highway traffic environment surrounding them. Section two is intended to teach students to apply their basic operating skills in a way that ensures their own safety and the safety of other drivers on the road.

Section 3 – Advanced Operating Practices

The Advanced Operating Practices section covers the hazards of the roadway traffic environment and the higher-level skills needed to handle them. Students will develop the skills needed to recognize potential hazards, as well as how to handle the vehicle in emergency situations.

Section 4 – Vehicle Maintenance

This section is about how the various components of the vehicle work. Students will learn to recognize a malfunction and/or safety hazard before it causes an accident or serious damage. Routine service functions and simple maintenance tasks will be covered, allowing students to recognize when the vehicle needs repairs.

Section 5 – Non-Vehicle Activities

The fifth and last section of truck driver training covers the activities that are not directly related to the vehicle. Students are taught to carry out these activities in a way that protects their safety, the safety of their vehicle, its cargo, and other motorists.

Training Activities

In addition to units of instruction covered above, truck driver training also includes activities in the following areas:

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