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Pre Trip Inspection Practice Test

After you read the CDL pre trip inspection study guide take this class A pre trip inspection practice test. In it you’ll find questions about checking components in the engine compartment, driver door fuel area, trailer, in the cab or other.


You got at least 70% correct, nice job. If you didn’t get 100% correct study some more and try again.

You didn’t get 70% correct, study more and try again.

#1 Check the following belts for snugness (up to 3/4 inch play at center of belt), cracks, or frays:

#2 True or False: U bolts and tie rod are found in the engine compartment.

#3 The five functions of the lights are: Left turn signal; Right turn signal; Four way flashers; ___________; ___________

#4 True or false: When checking the steer tire tread depth should have a depth no less than 4/32 of an inch.

#5 True or False: With the brakes released and pulled by hand, the push rod should never move more than 2 inches.

#6 When checking the __________________ make sure it’s not leaking and it’s filled to the manufacturer’s specifications.

#7 When checking the ____________ there should be none missing. Look for rust trails powder residue and cracks around the bolt holes.

#8 When checking the belt driven alternator it should not be cracked or frayed and the free play on the belt should be between _____________

#9 True or false: The brake chamber, brake drum and brake hose should be checked in the engine compartment, driver door fuel area and trailer.

#10 True or False: When checking the drive shaft, it should not be twisted and the u-joints should be free of any debris.

#11 The airbag is made out of _________.

#12 On the brake lining, There should be at least _____ of an inch of friction material.

#13 When checking the drive tire the tread and sidewalls should have no abrasions, bulges or cuts and the tread depth should be no less than _______ of an inch.

#14 True or False: When checking trailer tire, there should be no abrasions, bulges or cuts to the tread or sidewalls. Tread depth should be no less than 2/32 of an inch. The tire should be properly filled to manufacturer’s specifications and checked with an air gauge.

#15 There are how many stages in an air brake test?

#16 In cab emergency equipment should include a fire extinguisher, 3 red reflective triangles and ____________.

#17 True or False: It is sufficient to visually check that the locking jaws is fully locked around the king pin.

#18 True or False: Any space between the apron and the skid plate is called a “gap”. And there should be no space between the apron and the skid plate.

#19 The light check includes: ____________ Both sides of the truck; Rear of the truck; Both sides of the trailer; Rear of the trailer.

#20 True or False: When inspecting the coolant level of a hot engine you will inspect the reservoir sight glass. If the engine is not hot, remove the radiator cap and check for a visible coolant level.

#21 Check that the landing gear is __________, has no missing parts, the crank handle is secure, and the support frame is not damaged.

#22 True or False: You will not get credit if you simply kick the tires or strike the tire with a mallet or other similar device to check for proper inflation. You must use a tire gauge.


The vehicle inspection test is a skills test to see if the student can identify which features and equipment on the truck should be inspected before operating the class A vehicle, and in what condition these features or equipment should be in.

Any answers not found in the pre trip inspection study guide will be found in section 11 of this online CDL manual.

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