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Pre Trip Inspection Practice Test

After you read the CDL pre trip inspection study guide take this class A pre trip inspection practice test. In it you’ll find questions about checking components in the engine compartment, driver door fuel area, trailer, in the cab or other.


You got at least 80% correct, nice job. If you didn’t get 100% correct study some more and try again.

You didn’t get 80% correct, study more and try again.

#1 Check the following belts for snugness (up to 3/4 inch play at center of belt), cracks, or frays:

The vehicle inspection test is a skills test to see if the student can identify which features and equipment on the truck should be inspected before operating the class A vehicle, and in what condition these features or equipment should be in.

Any answers not found in the pre trip inspection study guide will be found in section 11 of this online CDL manual.

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