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Trucking Companies That Hire Felons

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates who a trucking company can and cannot hire. When it comes to hiring truck drivers, there are two major criminal activities that will prevent drivers from being hired. The first activity is the distribution, possession with intent to distribute, or importation of a controlled substance; and the second is a conviction using a firearm or force.

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Insurance is the major reason behind why companies will not hire felons. Over-the-road trucking companies are required to be insured in order to haul freight. The freight, truck, driver and property around the truck are all important in determining the price a company will pay for insurance. One of the biggest questions an insurance company will ask is “who is driving the truck?” Applicants with felonies cannot only be a liability for trucking companies that hire felons, but they can cost the company money.

It is possible to get a truck driving job with a felony, however. Some companies are willing to review applicants with felonies. Trucking companies that hire felons usually base their decision on how recent the conviction was, the type of felony committed and the amount of felony convictions the applicant has. The age of the felony, applicant’s work history, and driving record play a large role in the decision.

The main things trucking companies that hire felons will look for in an applicant include:

  • Graduation from a reputable trucking school
  • A steady employment background (no large gaps between employment)
  • Commercial driving experience
  • A clean driving record with no reckless driving convictions

Improve Your Chances of Being Hired

If you do have a felony in your past, there are a few things you can do to help your chances of finding a trucking job:

1. Obtain a free copy of your DAC Report so you know what any previous employers have put on there.
2. Fill out your job application with honesty. Even truck drivers that have never been convicted of a crime can be disqualified for hiding information on their application.
3. Make sure to include any periods of unemployment and explain the reason behind these.
4. Many things will be taken into account when reviewing your application. Make sure to shine in other areas.
5. Make sure your application is filled out properly and neatly.

Last but not least, fill out every application possible. Trucking companies are always hiring because there is a shortage of truck drivers. Apply through a driver application service and they can direct your application to trucking companies that hire felons.

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