Sand Hauling Truck Driver Jobs

Specialized sand, known as frac sand, has become a crucial ingredient in the success of the oil industry. Frac sand is used to extract oil and gas from hard to reach shale deposits. Frac sand companies must hire trucking companies to transport the sand in mass quantities from mines to processing plants to natural gas wells, using pneumatic trailers. Pneumatic trailers are filled with air and keep outside moisture from reaching the trailer’s contents.


It has been estimated that nearly five million pounds of sand are required for each and every natural gas well using hydraulic fracturing. The demand for frac sand has resulted in an increase in sand hauling jobs. Sand hauling jobs can be a great alternative to hauling crude oil. There are more openings for inexperienced drivers and fewer hazards to deal with.

In general, the demand for frac sand haulers is very high. Frac sand haulers have the opportunity to generate exceptional earnings in a short amount of time, however, sand hauling jobs require drivers to be on the road for 3-4 weeks, for shifts as long as 12-14 hours. While the overall mileage is low, loading and unloading equipment off-road can be challenging.


Haulers generally make more than over-the-road drivers, frac-sand companies pay by the hour, by a percentage of the load, or by the amount of miles driven. Sand haulers can make a lot of money depending on the region they work in, the equipment they use and the competition in their area.

“As of Apr 25, 2023, the average annual pay for a FRAC Sand Hauling in the United States is $110,972 a year.” – ZipRecruiter

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