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Truck Driver Career Path

Typically after one or two years of experience, you will be able to apply for specialized truck driving jobs, entry level truck drivers have fewer options. You can begin planning for the future by looking into each type of trucking job to determine where you want to eventually end up.

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There are many types of truck driving jobs available, and the responsibilities and lifestyles vary greatly with each. In addition, the rates of pay and potential earnings can vary considerably within each trucking career. Some drivers are paid by the hour while others are paid a specific rate per mile or a percentage of the revenue the motor carrier receives on the load. In most cases, the more specialized the job is, the more money you will make. Specialized truck driving jobs pay more due to the work, responsibility and danger involved.

Although students are exposed to different types of freight in truck driving school, they are further trained on the specific type of truck they will be driving once they are hired by a hauler. Find a CDL job now.

Learn About Different Types Of Trucking Jobs

Learn more about getting one of the different trucking jobs available to you. With each, the responsibilities, lifestyles and potential earnings can vary greatly.
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