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About Truck Driving as a Career

Nearly all types of goods, whether they’re in their raw or finished forms, travel on a truck. Businesses of all sizes depend on the trucking industry to deliver products safely and efficiently. Without trucks, goods could never travel from rail yards and airports to their final destination. Without the trucking industry, the economy would come to a standstill.

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Professional truck drivers deliver more goods than aviation and rail combined, making truck driving and transportation one of the ten largest industries in America. If you’re thinking about becoming a truck driver, it’s important to explore the ins and outs of what it’s like to be part of this industry.

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Truck Driver Salary

Aside from the freedom of being your own boss, the number one reason people look to truck driving is for the high rate of pay. Unlike traditional jobs that pay an hourly or fixed salary regardless of your workload, professional truck drivers are paid for every single mile they drive.

Getting a Trucking Job

Read about getting an entry level trucking job after completing your training. From schools with job placement to your resume and career advancement, read on to learn more.

Trucking Job Benefits

Quote from a job available on CDL Job Now: “Options for medical, dental, vision and life insurance, short-term disability and more

Most trucking companies offer both health and dental insurance. Larger companies offer stock options and retirement accounts. Truckers can expect sick and paid vacation days each year, both amounts that will increase the longer you stay with the company. Prescription medication coverage, life insurance policies, and other forms of medical assistance are also generally offered as part of a benefits package. In addition, you can expect pay bonuses and increases on an annual basis.

Life on the Road

Unlike ten years ago, drivers can now opt for localized routes that allow them to spend more time at home. Truck drivers can have a high-paying career that allows them to make a great living, without sacrificing home time. In addition, today’s trucks offer drivers comfort-achieving technology, such as air ride suspension and computer access.

History of Truck Driving

Since the early 1900’s, truck drivers have formed the backbone of the U.S. transportation system. Starting as cargo vehicles for local metropolitan deliveries, truck drivers now carry cargo that ranges from high-end electronics for big-box stores to refrigerated goods for local grocery stores.

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