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Class-B CDL License Training

The Class B CDL is the second heaviest weight class, with commercial motor vehicles (Class-B CMVs) weighing more than 26,001 pounds and trailers weighing less than 10,000 pounds. A Class B CDL gives drivers more opportunities for local and flexible truck driving jobs in areas like construction, shipping, and public transit.

Class-B CMVs

The commercial motor vehicles that can be operated with the license include:

  • straight trucks
  • dump trucks
  • garbage trucks
  • cement mixers
  • buses
  • tow truck
  • small tank trucks
  • food service trucks

The Class B CDL requires drivers to pass a written exam and road test, so Class B CDL Training is important. Find a local CDL school.

To Take the Class B CDL Test Prerequisites

In order to take the Class B CDL test:

  • You must be at least 21 years old (if you are 18, you can still get a CDL Class B but can only operate within your home state).
  • You must not have a revoked license or any traffic accidents on your record.
  • You will need a Department of Transportation Medical Certificate.
  • You will want to study for the written exam.

Bring the certificate, completed CDL permit application forms, birth records, drivers license and proof of residency to your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Taking the Class B Test

In most states, the written exam is first. Items on the written exam will be covered in Class B CDL Training. It takes about 60 minutes for the general exam and an additional 25 minutes for each endorsement section you want to take.

The road test portion is broken down into three parts:

  1. Pre-trip Inspection – This is where you’ll walk around the entire vehicle with the examiner and explain what you’re looking for and why.
  2. Basic Controls – You’ll steer the CMV around cones and perform basic maneuvers while the examiner is in the vehicle.
  3. On-Road Performance – The examiner will direct you through different traffic scenarios while in the CMV with you.

You must pass the written test and road test in order to obtain a Class B CDL. If you fail either test, you will have to wait 30 days before retaking it.

After the Class B Test

You’ve passed the Class B test, now it’s time for you to find a truck driving job! The market for CDL Class B jobs continues to grow with the economy. There are Class B driving jobs available as dump truck drivers, delivery drivers, tour bus drivers and small tank truck drivers.


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