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School Bus S Endorsement

Employees who operate schools buses transporting students from home to school, school to home, or to any school-sponsored events, are required to have a school bus endorsement (S endorsement) on their license. To apply for a school bus endorsement, drivers must qualify for a passenger vehicle endorsement and must pass a knowledge test and skills test.

Pass the School Bus Knowledge Test

To pass the knowledge portion of the school bus test, the driver must be knowledgeable in the following topics:

  • Loading and unloading children
  • Safe operation of stop signal devices, external mirror systems, flashing lights and other warning and passenger safety devices required by law
  • Emergency exits and procedures for safely evacuating passengers in an emergency
  • State and Federal laws and regulations related to safely traveling highway-rail grade crossings

Practice with our school bus endorsement practice test.

The applicant must also pass the skills portion of the school bus test. Drivers must take the test in a school bus in the same vehicle group as they will drive.

Mechanics who operate empty schools buses are not required to have the school bus endorsement. They must, however, have the proper class of CDL with a passenger vehicle endorsement.

Those who are caught operating without a school bus endorsement can be charged with a violation for driving a commercial motor vehicle without the required endorsement.