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CDL Combination Vehicles Test

Try this short CDL license combination vehicles practice test to check your knowledge about the safe operation of a combination vehicle.

CDL manual (study section 6 for this test)


You got at least 70% correct, nice job. If you didn’t get 100% study some more and take this quiz again.

You didn’t get 70% correct. Study some more and take this quiz again.

#1. True or False: Combination vehicles are usually heavier, longer, and require more driving skill than single commercial vehicles.

#2. The following 2 things will help you prevent rollover–___________, and drive slowly around turns.

#3. True or False: More than half of truck driver deaths in accidents are the result of truck rollovers.

#4. When not carrying as full load, make sure your cargo is _____________.

#5. “________ ________” causes the crack-the-whip effect.

#6. True or False: Large combination vehicles take longer to stop when they are empty than when they are fully loaded.

#7. When the wheels of a trailer lock up, the trailer will tend to ___________.

#8. When a vehicle goes around a corner, the rear wheels follow a different path than the front wheels. This is called __________.

#9. Whenever you back up with a trailer, try to position your vehicle so you can back _______________.

#10. If you must back up on a curved path, back toward the ___________.

#11. As soon as you see the trailer getting off the proper path, correct it by turning the top of the steering wheel __________.

#12. What type of trailers can get stuck on railroad-highway crossings?


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