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CDL Test: Example Questions & Answers

These are example questions and answers for the CDL license general knowledge test covering safe truck driving procedures. Questions on your official test will generally be true or false, fill in the blank, or multiple choice. See the following examples to get an idea of what you might encounter on your general knowledge CDL test.

Example CDL Test Questions & Answers

Question: Which of the following is the most important reason for doing a pre trip inspection?

  • Answer: Safety for yourself and other road users.

Question: What are some of the important parts in the steering system?

  • Answer: tie rod, spindle, pitman arm

Question: What is the correct number of red reflective triangles that you should carry?

  • Answer: 3

Question: For what reason do you keep the starter switch key in your pocket during the pre-trip inspection?

  • Answer: So no one moves the vehicle while you are inspecting underneath it.

Question: When stopped on a hill, what is the proper procedure to start moving without rolling back?

  • Answer: Partly engage the clutch before you take your right foot off the brake.

Question: When the road is slippery, retarders will help keep you from skidding.

  • Answer: False

Question: The manual says you should look _____ ahead while driving?

  • Answer: 12 to 15 seconds, at highway speeds it is about a quarter of a mile.

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