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What's A Local Truck Driving Job Like?

Local truck drivers typically travel within the state where they live and can expect to be home nightly. Because of this, the competition for local truck driving positions is high in many paces. Drivers who have families or like their home time tend to seek out local truck driving jobs.

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Local Truck Driving Job Responsibilities

The job responsibilities of local truck driving jobs differ from regional jobs. Many local jobs involve lifting and strenuous physical activity. Another primary responsibility includes making deliveries to area businesses. Professional and personal appearance are more important for local truck drivers as they are required to interact with customers on a regular basis.

Local Truck Driving Job Prerequisites

Local trucking jobs are not just difficult to land because of the competition, but most local jobs require truckers to have at least one year of experience. There are concerns regarding insurance for inexperienced drivers, so the most local truck driving jobs will want a solid work history and a clean driving record.

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