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Diesel Mechanic

We don’t just work with CDL schools, we work with technical colleges and automotive trade schools with diesel mechanic technician training. Learn to inspect and fix all types of big rig’s, tractors, heavy equipment… anything built with a diesel engine.

Schools with Diesel Mechanic Technology Programs

That’s only a sample of schools, use the search application to find all your local choices.

“Buses, trucks, and basically any other type of automobile that runs on diesel fuel are your patients, and you couldn’t be more satisfied than when you’re operating on them.”

“The median annual wage, which means the point where half make more and half make less, is $45K. When you’re just starting out in the career, expect to earn more along the lines of $29K. But you can look forward to a salary of over $67K once you’ve been working for a few years.”

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