Champaign, Illinois Truck Driving School

1315 N. Mattis | Champaign, IL 61821

Truck driver training doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Enroll at 160 Driving Academy and you’ll graduate in four weeks, with a job waiting for you! In addition to the Champaign campus, we offer training locations throughout Illinois, which means it’s an easy commute to school and you’ll be able to drive home every night after class.

160 Driving Academy invests the time in making sure each student becomes the best driver possible. Students will perfect their truck driving skills in order to successfully pass the CDL exam. Before graduation, our staff will work with you to find a job that meets your requirements. Many of our students also receive partial or full reimbursement of tuition from their future employers. Take the first step towards a higher-paying career, earn your CDL!