Malden, Missouri Truck Driving School

Malden Industrial Park | Malden, MO 63863

Southern Missouri Truck Driving School provides Class A CDL truck driver training to those seeking a career in the transportation industry. Students will learn truck driving skills through classroom instruction and hands-on experience, in areas like operating practices, maintenance, and coupling. Our experienced instructors provide individualized attention to each student.

Financial aid is available at SMTDS and 80% of their students use it and get their training for free.(when I checked 1/5/17)

Learn: “Safe operating practices, maintenance, coupling and uncoupling, backing up, shifting, driving in traffic (both daytime and at night).”

We work with the best truck driving schools, trucking companies and trade schools in Missouri too! A CDL licence plus a certification like welding, diesel mechanic or HVAC will make your resume very enticing to potential employers.