Middletown, Ohio Truck Driving School

Ohio Business College Truck Driving Academy
6690 Germantown Rd
Middletown, OH 45042

Ohio Business College Truck Driving Academy offers Class A CDL & Class B CDL training classes in Middletown Ohio. Both programs are designed to provide students with the skills required to safely operate commercial vehicles, plan trips using a Professional Driver’s Atlas, drive defensively, maneuver and dock trucks. The goal is to demonstrate the safe operating competency required in the student’s state and grant the student the ability to apply these skills firsthand.

Truck Driver Training

The Class A program is designed to let you spend more time behind the wheel, as it consists of over 170 hours of instruction, but only five days in the classroom. The Class B program consists of 130 instruction hours and a five-day seminar before students can get behind the wheel.

We work with the best truck driving schools, trucking companies with paid training and skilled trade schools in OH too.