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2021 Data: Truck Driver Pay Went Up in 2020

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Truck drivers had a very interesting 2020, but it wasn’t all bad news. According to data released by the Bureau of Labor statistics on March 31, 2021, tractor trailer driver pay went up. The average annual pay for a truck driver went from $46,850 in 2019 to $48,710 in 2020. That’s up to an average of over $23 dollars per hour ($23.42) in 2020.

Entry level truck drivers earned about $30-37,000 dollars a year in 2020, and experienced drivers or specialty drivers made an average of over $69,000.

In 2020, the industries with the highest levels of employment for truck drivers included the truck transportation industry, warehousing and storage industry, and nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing industry. While the industries with the top salaries for truck drivers included the express delivery industry, motion picture industry, and electric power industry.

The top 3 states with the highest employment levels in tractor trailer driving include Texas, California, and Florida. Pennsylvania and Ohio aren’t too far behind them.

Top Paying States for Truck Drivers

The top paying states for truck drivers are Alaska, New York, Wyoming, and North Dakota. Here’s a list of the average pay in those states.

  • Alaska – $59,700
  • New York – $55,280
  • Wyoming – $54,990
  • North Dakota – $54,550

Top Paying Cities for Truck Drivers

The top paying metropolitan areas for tractor trailer drivers is a pretty diverse list of cities from coast to coast. These were the top 10 cities in 2020 with mean pay information:

  • Barnstable Town, MA – $65,170
  • Danville, IL – $63,230
  • Lewiston, ID – $62,250
  • Fairbanks, AK – $61,580
  • Anchorage, AK – $59,640
  • Janesville, WI – $58,740
  • Kankakee, IL – $58,190
  • Duluth, MN – $58,130
  • Bismarck, ND – $57,970
  • San Francisco, CA – $57,790

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