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About Ice Road Trucking Jobs

Reality television has a way of attracting attention to topics that may have previously been overlooked. Certain industries benefit from this as the show catches on and people become intrigued with the subject matter. Ice road trucking jobs have been talked about more than ever with the History Channel’s part reality and part educational series, Ice Road Truckers.

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Ice Road Truckers depicts the risky encounters those with ice road trucking jobs face as they carefully inch powerful machines across miles and miles of roads made of slippery ice. The job is nerve-wracking and requires a high level of training. However since the start of the show, the industry has seen a dramatic increase in job position interest.

In the past, ice road trucking has been called the “dash for cash,” because of the limited time of the year that specific supplies can be hauled to remote locations. There are less than three months of the year when some of the areas are not covered in rocks, swamps or lakes. Although air travel is an option, the costly expense is too high for most employers budgets. With no possible transportation to get across these terrains, it’s up to ice road truckers to quickly transport the necessary products to the appropriate location in very little time.

Before the ice season begins, road crews are in charge of preparing the snow and ice for travel. For several weeks, they use radar to calculate ice thickness to make sure it will hold the incredible weight of the ice trucks. Ice truckers must then hurry to secure the safety of 600-900 trucks hauling over 10,000 loads at 20 miles per hour. The frenzied excitement of ice road trucking can’t be found in any other occupation.

So why are so many people eager to put their lives in danger? The answer is in the numbers. A recent study showed the average trained ice road trucker can earn up to an astounding $90,000 in just three months. It is extremely difficult for employers to find enough workers to fill these positions. In today’s economy, it’s hard to find a career that has a large salary and long-term job security on its side.

This rewarding career comes at a high price. Keep reading for the ice road trucker job description for a closer look at what it takes for this intriguing lifestyle.

First Earn a CDL

The first step when looking into ice road trucking jobs is obtaining a CDL. This can be achieved by attending a CDL school or possibly a company paid program. Driving experience in harsh conditions is also helpful for employment so if you’re already experienced in harsh conditions, plus. Oftentimes an ice truck employer will pay for the driver to attend specific training in winter driving conditions. Ice truck employers expect their drivers to be extremely confident in their driving ability. Anything less could result in costly accidents and injuries.

Do the Research

There are specific risks associated with ice road trucking jobs that you must be aware of. If you know the risks, detailed preparation will keep you safe and calm your nerves when you get behind the wheel. Possible dangers include:

  • Frostbite: Frostbite is a very probable risk when working in regions with cold temperatures. Truck adjustments and fuel stations will require time waiting outside the vehicle. Thick and layered clothing will protect the skin against it.
  • Animals: Animals can either be a terrific or terrifying part of the job. Ice road truckers are able to see some of the most unique animals on earth, but they can also be the most threatening. Staying alert and focused is crucial in case of possible run-ins with polar bears, moose, and more.
  • Skids: Sliding on the ice is usually a daily occurrence. Ice provides little to no traction, and it can get out of control when a driver doesn’t know how to handle the situation. The more time a driver practices the braking methods necessary for these emergencies, the safer they will be in the future.

A career as an ice road trucker is one of the most dangerous yet rewarding lifestyles around. The job opportunities are abundant and the pay is substantial. This path of trucking is not for the faint hearted. A person interested in the extreme lifestyle should research it as much as possible before taking the risky plunge.