Auto Transport Jobs (Car Hauler)

Known as a ‘specialty niche’ in the trucking industry, car haulers or auto transporters are hired to move vehicles from one destination to another. Car haulers serve a variety of client needs that include moving, online purchases, and new model deliveries. They can use a variety of equipment including low boys, seven-car carriers, ten-car carriers and enclosed trailers.


Some companies specialize within the auto transport spectrum, resulting in services like

  • Exotic car transport
  • New model transport
  • Covered car transport
  • Door to door transport

Other companies work with all types of vehicles. In either case, the ultimate goal when it comes to auto transport jobs is to provide clients with on-time and damage-free delivery.

Problem Solving

Car hauler jobs require additional problem-solving skills and customer service skills. Drivers are required to inspect vehicles for damage before staging loads. They must operate transport equipment, arrange vehicles on the truck, and load and unload the vehicles. Car haulers must also make sure their loads meet legal weight, height and length restrictions.


Drivers are typically paid a percentage of the freight that is loaded on the truck. Because of the responsibility and attention to detail, the pay is higher for car haulers. To apply for car hauler jobs, you must have a valid CDL license and previous experience. Most companies will provide new hires with classroom instruction, on-road and dock loading training, and a rigorous safety curriculum.

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