Dump Truck Driver Jobs

Dump truck drivers transport loose materials like dirt, rocks, sand, coal and gravel, using an open-bed truck. In colder climates, dump truck driving jobs include removing accumulated snow from highways and roads. Dump trucks are often used in construction and are equipped with a hydraulic bed that can be operated mechanically. Dump truck drivers maneuver to and from locations as well as in and out of dumping locations.

In some dump truck driving jobs, drivers are responsible for loading the truck by hand or by using some sort of mechanical loader. In most dump truck driving jobs, drivers are responsible for cleaning and maintaining their truck. Additional duties may include tracking work, vehicle service, and securing the truck’s contents.

To become a dump truck driver, a commercial driver’s license is required. While some companies hire individuals with no experience, specialized training is recommended. This training can be obtained by enrolling in a CDL training program. Attend a school that specializes in heavy equipment and you’ll learn how to operate other equipment used on a construction site, making you a valuable asset to any company.

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