Flatbed Truck Driver Jobs

There are many companies that produce goods that cannot be transported by traditional means due to their size and shape. These types of goods must be transported by flatbed trailers.

Flatbed trailers have no walls, requiring loads to be attached using straps, chains, and tarps. There are a number of rules and regulations that govern the methods used to secure these loads. Weight distribution and load securement are the most important safety skills that flatbed truck drivers will have to master.

Industries Utilizing Flatbed Truckers

Flatbed truck services are vital to different industries including construction, steel, aerospace, industrial, renewable energy and military. Common items commonly hauled by those in flatbed trucking jobs include construction equipment, lumber, steel coils, turbines, steel tubing and pipe, glass, pallets and military equipment.

Hauling a flatbed trailer can be extremely hazardous due to the weight of the products that are being delivered. In addition, the work required of flatbed jobs is quite physical and can be difficult to handle in poor weather conditions. There’s always a new challenge and a variety of different types of loads to secure.


Hauling a flatbed trailer can have its advantages. Flatbed trailers are easier to fit under low bridges in the city. In addition, their lower profile helps the crosswinds go around the truck easier on slick roads in the wintertime. Also, due to the physical nature of flatbed trucking jobs, drivers are often given more time at home.


Many flatbed drivers are paid by the percentage of the load. Drivers who can effectively manage their time can increase their weekly earnings driving for a reputable flatbed trucking company. Some flatbed trucking jobs require specialized training though this is generally provided by the company.

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