Hot Shot Delivery Driver Jobs

Hot shot truck drivers are often referred to as freelance drivers for the freight industry. The term “hotshot” originated decades ago in the Texas oilfields, where trucks quickly delivered in-demand parts to off-roading drilling and pumping operations. Today, hot shot delivery jobs involve transporting cargo that is generally smaller and rushed.

Hot Shot Drivers Deliver

Fast and reliable hot shot hauling services are invaluable in the oil, gas and energy industries. Hot shot drivers haul items of all shapes and sizes. Items vary from urgently needed parts to fresh produce. Hot shot delivery jobs often haul cargo that is time-sensitive, which means drivers must be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Freedoms and Challenges

Hot shot drivers make their own schedule and choose the routes they drive. Truckers must be flexible enough to haul thousands of pounds in cargo one day, and a small package the next. Hot shot drivers can be locally or regionally based. They acquire hot shot delivery jobs by creating relationships with local shippers and by providing good customer service focused on availability and speed.

About the Job

Hot shot delivery jobs vary depending on the type of rig you operate. Hot shot drivers typically drive trucks smaller than the standard semi-truck and trailer. Whether for a single customer or less-than-truckload, a Class 3-5 truck is normally used in combination with a variety of trailers to run for-hire freight.

Hot shot drivers transport goods for a hot shot trucking company without signing an obligation agreement. This means that drivers can choose the carriers they work for and are not required to file or fill out any paperwork. In most jobs, hot shot drivers can count on the freight company taking a 25 percent cut of the total for each delivery as a fee for filing the paperwork and setting up the order.

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