Lease Purchase Trucking

Lease purchase trucking jobs are a great option for drivers who want to operate independently but do not have the money required for a down payment. Lease purchase trucking companies assist drivers in making the transition from company driver to owner operator while earning a consistent weekly paycheck and building ownership in a truck.

Lease purchase trucking can be a useful tool for financing a new truck. Lease purchase agreements require the driver to purchase the truck or lose their investment. There are many different types of lease purchase trucking programs available and it is important to do your research in order to pick the vendor and payment plan that best fits your needs. Down payments, warranties and service will vary with each company.

There are some lease purchase trucking companies that offer great leases that assist the driver in securing a truck. Leasing from an established carrier gives drivers a steady workload while enabling them to control operations. In most agreements, the dealer keeps the title and owns the vehicle for the life of the agreement. After successful completion of the lease period, the buyer receives the title and becomes the owner of the truck.

For lease purchase trucking contractors, hard work, and patience will pay off in the long run. If you have a clean driving record and at least one-year of OTR experience, lease purchase trucking may be right for you.

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