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Refrigerated Transport Trucking Jobs

Refrigerated carriers use a refrigeration unit in the cargo area of the trailer to protect temperature-controlled goods. These types of trailers are also referred to as reefers. Many reefer units are found on tractor trailers, however they can also be found on straight trucks. Depending on the size of the load and the type of route, the type of truck used for hauling these goods will vary.

What Refrigerated Drivers Do

In general, refrigerated carriers tend to haul goods longer distances than other types of trucking companies. Drivers also make multiple-stop loads when hauling; this can result in several different pickups, several different deliveries, or both.

The driver of a refrigerated unit often has strict guidelines regarding the temperature variation allowed, as established in their contract with the shipper. Throughout the shipment, drivers must monitor and regulate the cargo area accordingly.

What Reefer Drivers Haul

Refrigerated trucking jobs entail transporting many products used in everyday life. These include:

  • Household goods
  • Medical and pharmaceutical supplies
  • Food and beverage

Some examples of products that may need to be temperature controlled include dairy, meat, fresh produce, chemicals, medical supplies, computer products and household cleaning products.

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