Tanker Truck Driver Jobs

Tanker trucks are used to transport large amounts of gas or liquid. With tanker jobs, drivers may travel long distances or within state lines. A driver may work for a single company or as an independent contractor working directly with customers.

Tanker Trucks and What They Haul

Tanker trailers are actual tanks that have been reinforced with metal and mounted on a trailer. Their unique design makes it safer and easier to transport various gasses or liquids.

Tanker trucks are utilized in many different industries such as oil, gas, dairy, water, construction, chemical and industrial. Some common products hauled by tanker trucks include water, milk, gasoline, diesel fuel, concrete, and chemicals.

Tanker Driver Responsibilities and Job Description

Tanker drivers can expect a significant amount of responsibility. Some tanker drivers are responsible for filling up tanks with gasoline or diesel fuel while others may be responsible for delivering large shipments of food products or water at distribution plants.

Sanitation and safety are very important to tanker driving and delivery procedures often need to be documented and followed with absolute precision.

There are more local tanker truck driving jobs available than there are over the road tanker jobs. In order to load and unload the tanker, experience with valves, wrenches, pumps and other tools is needed. Drivers must also have strong driving skills to handle a variety of weather and road conditions.

Depending on the company, tanker driver jobs may be full-time, part-time, or on-call. Shifts can vary between day and evening hours; for many local jobs, all deliveries must be made within a single day.

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