Team Truck Driving Jobs

Team trucking jobs offer benefits that solo truck driving jobs cannot. In a team, 2 drivers share in daily tasks and can utilize each other’s strengths to avoid costly mistakes. There is also the added advantage of having somebody to talk to on the road.

Team drivers get paid for every mile the truck rolls, no matter who is driving. Both drivers can work together complete all activities that take place outside the truck, making tasks quicker and simpler to conduct.

Time Management = More Profit

Teams of two are able to effectively manage their time and can run more miles than a solo driver. This results in the opportunity to earn a greater income.

Since trucking companies can get the same production from one truck with a team rather than two trucks with solo drivers, their profit margins can significantly increase. Therefore, they typically pay team truck drivers additional cents per mile.

The downside of team truck driving jobs is just that. You belong to a team. This means you always have to keep each other in mind when it comes to coordinating breaks, meal stops, and time off. With team driving, space is limited making a close living arrangement for those involved.

Team drivers keep their truck moving 80 percent of the time, so there is not much downtime on the road.

At the end of the day, each team member is putting his or her life in another person’s hands. So if you are going to take a team driving job, make sure to choose your teammate wisely.

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