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The Best Truck Driving Schools

There are many truck driving schools to choose from, however not all are created equal. The truck driving school you attend can have a tremendous impact on your career, as certification from a sub-par school could make it harder for you to get hired.

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There are certain things to look for that will make a good truck driving school stand out. The best truck driving schools have:

  • Accreditation – The best truck driving schools have sought out accreditation by a U.S. Department of Education approved agency.
  • Certification – The school has met or exceeded the Professional Truck Driver Institute standard, which includes at least 44 hours of actual drive time, not just observation.
  • Transparent Cost – When looking at schools, you should consider the cost in relation to the number of hours behind the wheel. Look for hidden fees that may not be included, such as obtaining a permit, drug screening, and insurance. More about cost >>
  • New Equipment – The best trucking driving schools have well-maintained recent-model tractors and trailers.
  • Modern Facilities – Schools have clean classrooms with audio-visual capabilities, a library and practice driving range.
  • Experienced Instructors – Teaching staff should have at least three years of driving experience and prior educational experience.
  • Job Placement Assistance – No school can guarantee you a job, but they can provide you with assistance in finding one after graduation. More about job placement >>
  • Adequate Program Length – The program should be at least three weeks long to provide you with adequate drive time. More about time >>
  • Student to Truck Ratio – The best truck driving schools will place one student per truck, giving each student individualized attention.

Not all truck driving schools are created equal. Use this as your guide when comparing truck driving schools and training programs, as the best truck driving schools will encompass all these things.