Getting a trucking job can be tough, as many companies want drivers to have at least one year of experience in the field. For new CDL holders, this may seem almost impossible. Don’t give up yet, there is hope! There are trucking companies that will provide new employees with additional CDL training upon hire..

As more and more companies begin offering entry level truck driving jobs in order to compete in the industry, the training accompanying these jobs can sometimes be lacking. How well the company trains you will have a huge impact on your trucking career. The best companies for new drivers will provide students with additional training designed around easy-to-learn principles and hands-on skill development.

When looking for an entry level truck driving jobs, you’ll want to ask trucking companies the right questions. These questions include:

Additional questions you may want to ask the company in order to make a sound decision, include:

Don’t wait until truck driving school is over to begin applying for trucking jobs – start your research early. As soon as you know the completion date of your school, you should begin applying to different trucking companies.