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Finding An Entry Level Trucking Job

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Finding an entry level truck driving job can be a challenge, as many companies want drivers to have at least one year of experience in the field. But don’t give up, there is hope! There are trucking companies that will provide new employees with additional CDL training upon hire. And many CDL schools offer job placement services, including many of our partner schools.

More Companies Are Offering Entry Level Trucking Jobs

More and more companies have begun offering entry level truck driving jobs in order to compete in the industry. Also, some of the best companies for new drivers will provide students with additional training designed around easy-to-learn principles and hands-on skill development.

Tips & Questions For Entry Level Job Seekers

When looking for an entry level truck driving job, you’ll want to ask trucking companies the right questions. These questions include:

  • Are you hiring student drivers?
  • What is the location and length of orientation?
  • How much time does extra training take?
  • Will I be paid while training?
  • What is the rider policy?
  • How much did your average entry level driver make last year?

Additional questions you may want to ask the company in order to make a sound decision, include:

  • How often will I be home?
  • What areas of the country will I run in?
  • What are your current driver work duties and lifestyle like?
  • What size company are you?

Tip #1: Choose a respected school that offers job placement services.

Tip #2: Study hard and focus on the task at hand.

Example Entry Level CDL Job

^Yes, that’s a real job.

Partner Schools with Job Placement Assistance

Your school’s reputation can have a big impact on your job prospects. To earn job placement assistance you will need to do well in classes and road-training. These partner schools do offer job placement services for students who qualify.

All schools with job placement assistance may not be listed here. But, you get the idea. Find a CDL school near you.

Don’t Wait, Be Prepared!

Don’t wait until truck driving school is over to begin applying for trucking jobs – start your research early. As soon as you know the completion date of your school, you should begin applying to different trucking companies. If you choose a school with job placement services the school’s job placement specialist will help you get prepared.

Search CDL Job Now to find truck driving job listings near you.

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