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Tips for Being a Healthy Trucker

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Life on the road can be long and tiring and pulling over for fast food or taking a break at a greasy diner has become the quick fix for many trucker’s hunger pains.

Being away from home for extended times can make it difficult to eat healthy and get exercise. So, truckers should pay extra attention to meals and also keep tabs on their blood pressure and heart health. Simple tips like these can make a big difference:

  • Pack your own food. Not only is it easier to make healthier choices this way, it will save you cash. Bring some ice packs for your mini-fridge to keep your meals fresh.
  • More protein means leaner food. Try to choose foods packed with fat burning protein. Some examples are hard boiled eggs, raw walnuts, almonds, chicken or fish, and unsweetened peanut butter.
  • Have some smart snacks. Fattening snacks like a bag of potato chips won’t keep you full for as long as things like cheese sticks, fruit, and peanuts will.
  • Stay away from white pasta and bread. Always look for whole grain bread and pasta. Other things to watch out for: candy bars and soda with lots of sugar and high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup increases your insulin and makes you crave more often.
  • Sneak in some cardio between hauls. You will always be on a busy schedule, but spending just 30 minutes a day on cardio will give you more endurance for the roads. Go for a walk around the rest stop or bring a medicine ball to work out with in your motel room. A healthy body means a clear mind, which will help you be a more efficient driver.

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