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Life on the Road: What All Truckers Should Pack

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Life as a truck driver is more than just coasting down the highway on cruise control. Sometimes the road can get a little bumpy. This is why drivers should always prepare themselves for a long – and unexpected – road ahead. Here are just some of the necessities to pack for the road.

  1. Pack Lightly – The first rule of the road is to always pack lightly. You won’t have much space to work with, and you may find yourself very cramped and cluttered if you pack too much. Pack just the essentials keeping in mind, you will have an opportunity to stop and purchase items along the way.
  2. Clothing – It is important to take the weather into consideration when packing for your trip. Review the locations of your journey and research the weather to determine what is appropriate. You should always bring extra clothing in case the clothes you have get wet or dirty. If your trip is three days long, we recommend bringing five days worth of clothing and always bring extra socks and underwear. A hoodie and rain gear is a good idea to have on your at all times.
  3. Cooking – Even though you can stop and refill, bring multiple water bottles. You don’t want to run out of a drunk before you get to your next stop. A mini fridge and a microwave or other portable cooking device can also come in handy. You’ll also want snacks to munch on in between meals, and in case you get stranded.
  4. Personal Hygiene- Always remember shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste and other personal hygiene products. There will be routes where you will go sometime between showers, however. Therefore, it is important to pack hand sanitizer, deodorant and any other travel trial size items you may find.
  5. Miscellaneous Items – Other miscellaneous items include:
    • A flashlight – Not only is a flashlight useful if you get stranded at night, a large Mag-Lite flashlight can be excellent protect.
    • Laundry detergent and dryer sheets – Typically the products sold at the laundromat cost more than what you would pay at the grocery store. A detergent pen can also assist with stains so you can wear clothes longer without washing.

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