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Three Things to Love About New Truck Drivers

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Starting out as a rookie truck trucker can be overwhelming. The long list of terms, weight limits and regulations can be a lot to take on in the beginning. However, new truck drivers should know that they are highly valued. They have certain qualities and benefits that well-traveled truckers lack. Here’s a short list of the three best characteristics of inexperienced truck drivers:

[expand title=”Up-to-Date Skills and Knowledge”]Employers love workers who are trained with the most modern methods and technologies on the market. Experienced drivers are great to fall back on, but they are behind the curve when it comes to new truck driving technologies and specific state regulations. Employers save both money and time by hiring new drivers who have the complete knowledge of current trucking industry standards and expectations.[/expand] [expand title=”Renewed Motivation”]Truck drivers who have just entered the workforce are more likely to go the extra mile than truckers who have been around for several years. Experienced drivers make up the majority of the workforce, however, it’s likely for an experienced truck driver to want to spend as much time as possible at home. Employees willing to be away from home are in high demand and truck drivers fresh out of driving school are often up for the challenge.

Rookie truck drivers possess the passion for covering as many miles as possible and to start paying off their CDL training school expenses. Not only is this useful for employers looking to fill unemployment holes, but also for the willing drivers who receive higher than average paychecks in return.[/expand] [expand title=”Open-Minded to New Routes”]Once a driver becomes used to a particular route, it can be difficult for an employer to convince them to change it. Truck drivers new to the road have no problem taking these routes on and they are better equipped with the latest driving methods and technologies. This means employers are confident in their ability to drive through challenging, congested cities and high-pressure locations.[/expand] These three benefits are only a small portion of what new truck drivers bring to the table. With more job positions than ever before, today is the perfect time to get started on truck driver training. Take advantage of the high demand for new truckers and ensure a successful, rewarding and challenging career.

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