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Truck Driver Pay and Demand Increased in 2023 (2024 data)

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The trucking industry is one that brings about great pay, benefits, and CDL training that can have you career-ready in as few as 3 to 6 weeks. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), truck drivers made an average of $55,990 in 2023, with the top 10 percent making $76,780 or more.

If you’re looking to learn about current industry trends before getting your CDL, you are in luck. We’ll explore updated pay information and industry demand in this article (per the BLS) to give you the most comprehensive overview of the trucking industry in 2024, and where it is headed in the next decade.

Below is a list of the top-paying states and industries for truck drivers in 2023.

Top-Paying States for Truck Drivers in 2023

  • Alaska – $65,870
  • New Jersey – $64,270
  • Washington – $63,160
  • New York – $60,910

States with the Most Truck Drivers in 2023

  • Texas – 212,770 Truck Drivers
  • California – 204,190 Truck Drivers
  • Florida – 101,920 Truck Drivers
  • Pennsylvania – 89,920 Truck Drivers
  • Ohio – 89,560 Truck Drivers

Top-Paying Industries for Truck Drivers in 2023

  • Motion Picture and Video – $87,150
  • Telecommunications – $79,530
  • Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution – $79,350
  • Support Activities for Water Transportation – $72,080
  • Charter Bus Industry – $68,870

Industries with the Most Truck Drivers in 2023

  • Trucking/Transportation – 917,010 Truck Drivers
  • Merchant Wholesalers/Nondurable Goods – 100,690 Truck Drivers
  • Couriers and Express Delivery Services – 88,620 Truck Drivers
  • Warehousing and Storage – 83,770 Truck Drivers
  • Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing – 77,500 Truck Drivers

Industry Demand for Truck Drivers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that industry demand for truck drivers is set to steadily increase 4 percent by 2032. This increase is as fast as the national average of all occupations when it comes to industry demand. It also translates to an estimated 241,200 jobs to open for truck drivers each year over the next decade.

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