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Why is Pay Rising for Truck Drivers?

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Pay for truck drivers has risen considerably over the past few years. Many argue there has never been a better time to become a CDL-A truck driver.

Why is Pay Rising for Truck Drivers? In simple terms, the supply and demand for drivers is uneven. Demand for truckers has risen, but not enough drivers have entered the industry to meet the demand.

According to the American Trucking Association, the driver shortage is at an all time high of 80,000 missing drivers. This number could rise as high as 160,000 by 2030. Because of this, companies are raising their wages to attract skilled drivers to switch companies or new drivers to join the industry.

The truck driver shortage means that your services are in higher demand, and that you can demand more for your skills and experience. Similarly, this means that there are many open positions that need to be filled by new drivers, meaning that this is an excellent time to train to become a driver.

Trucking companies are also looking to attract people earlier in their careers by offering paid training and higher wages.

Trucking Companies are Raising Their Rates

Here are some trucking companies who have raised their pay scales significantly in the past year:

KLLM – Recently, KLLM has increased their pay for drivers. OTR drivers experienced wage increases as high as 33%, while other drivers, including regional drivers and owner-operators experienced a 10-16% increase in pay. Find a trucking job with KLLM transport.

Melton – In June of 2021, Melton Truck Lines introduced their highest pay increase in the history of the company. At Melton, drivers experience pay raises on a regular schedule. Recently, they raised their rates for new drivers to $0.52 per mile. In February of the same year, Melton also doubled their tarp pay for drivers, from $50 to $100 drivers. Find a trucking job with Melton Truck Lines.

CRST – In 2021, CRST also increased their wages by $0.10 per mile, which is a sizable raise for most drivers. This has raised wages for many drivers to as high as $0.64 per mile. Find a trucking job with CRST.

Why There Has Never Been a Better Time to Become a Truck Driver?

These and more companies are raising their rates to attract CDL-A drivers and spur new people to join the industry. There are many job openings across the country, and there are many opportunities for training.

Trucking is a stable career that rewards people well who enjoy steady work. With all that said, maybe you want to take advantage of the rising pay and high demand for truck drivers. If so, click through to find companies hiring all trucking positions and route types near you now.

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