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HAZMAT Test Example Questions

When taking the HAZMAT test you’ll encounter a variety of questions this is just a small sampling for you to observe some general types. To find more examples of questions visit this HAZMAT practice test.

1: What placards, if any, do you need if your load includes 20 pounds of Division 2.3 gas and 1,001 pounds of flammable gas.?

  • Poison 2.3 and flammable Gas 2.1
  • Poison 2.3 and Dangerous
  • Just dangerous placards are required
  • None, you cannot load these materials together * This is the correct answer

2: For Division 1.1 or 1.2 Explosives A, should the floor liner required be stainless steel?

  • No * This is the correct answer
  • It does not matter
  • Never use a floor liner for any explosive class
  • Yes

3: A hazard class that uses transport indexes to determine the amount that can be loaded in a single vehicle is _____.

  • Class 7 Radioactive materials * This is the correct answer
  • Class 3 flammable liquids
  • Class 1 Explosives
  • Class 6 Poisons
  • All classes use a transport index

4: The Emergency Response Guide, ERG, can best be explained as_____.

  • A guide explaining what materials can be hauled together in the same vehicle.
  • A guidebook for firefighters, police, and industry workers on how to protect themselves and the public from hazardous materials.
  • A guidebook for truck drivers, dock workers, and shippers on how to protect themselves and the public from hazardous materials.
  • 1 & 2
  • 2 & 3* This is the correct answer

5: Which of the following is a reason that shippers package material?

  • Ship
  • Contain * This is the correct answer
  • Mark
  • Distribute

6: When is it acceptable for non-hazardous materials to be described by hazard class words or identification numbers?

  • During an emergency
  • Never * This is the correct answer
  • Always
  • For hazards not described in the hazmat manual

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