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New Bill Introduced to Help Veterans Get Their CDL

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A new bill has been introduced that could make it easier for veterans to get their CDL. The Veteran Improvement Commercial Driver License Act of 2023 was passed by the Senate unopposed on November 2, 2023. 

The bill aims to remove a two-year waiting period imposed on new branches of existing CDL schools so that Veterans can choose from a wider range of schools to use their GI Bill benefits. Under current law, new satellite schools connected to existing CDL schools cannot work with GI Bill benefits. The new law would remove this waiting period, allowing these schools operating under the current licenses in their home state to accept GI Bill students in their new locations sooner.

This bill was backed by the American Trucking Associations and the Commercial Vehicle Training Association, two of the largest trucking advocacy groups in the country. 

There has been some concern raised about the bill. Some in the House have stated that this amendment could expose veterans to poor quality schools that are operating as scams. 

Joseph Westcott, who is the legislative director for the National Association of State Approving Agencies, said that schools with poor records may be able to open schools in other states, because their records will not follow them across state lines. 

This bill has not been passed by the House, where it could potentially meet greater opposition. 

Many industry leaders, groups, and individuals will watch the bill closely as it makes its way through congress and potentially to the desk of the president to be passed into law.

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