Winter Trucking Safety

For drivers, winter can cause many problems. Rain, sleet, and snow make roads dangerous and slippery, and sometimes altogether impossible. Truck drivers, especially, must be prepared to face the hazards that winter driving brings.


Limited or reduced visibility and traction are among the most frequent reasons for winter weather-related accidents. Aggressive braking or poor shifting on slick roads can also increase your chances of an accident. To avoid winter hazards, make sure to follow these truck driver safety tips:

Many winter hazards are unrelated to driving a truck and trucking companies often see a spike in worker’s compensation claims during winter months. Icy running boards, steps and trailer decks increase the likelihood for slips and falls. To prevent accidents:

You can never be too careful when driving in the winter. The best truck driving safety tip we can give you, though, applies year round, on the road and off. Never put yourself into situations where you aren’t comfortable.