HAZMAT Truck Driver Jobs

Many people are not aware that a hazmat endorsement is required to haul many of today’s most popular goods. These products include auto parts, auto parts, batteries, cosmetics, dry ice, frozen foods, household cleaning products, office supplies, perfume and pharmaceuticals.

Hazardous materials are broken down into nine classifications:

  1. Explosives
  2. Gases
  3. Flammable liquids
  4. Flammable solids
  5. Oxidizers
  6. Poisons
  7. Radioactive material
  8. Corrosives
  9. Miscellaneous

A special HAZMAT endorsement is required to work HAZMAT driving jobs because of strict rules and regulations regarding hauling hazardous materials. Depending on the type of material being transported, hazmat driving jobs can involve driving a wide variety of trucks. In all cases, the container must be in good condition and properly labeled.

HAZMAT drivers are in demand. Companies working with hazardous materials generally offer paid training and higher wages to those who are willing to drive a truck hauling these.

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