Solo Truck Driving Jobs

As we mentioned before, one of the first decisions that you will have to make as a driver is whether you want to apply for solo truck driving jobs or team truck driving jobs.

Solo Driver Freedoms

Solo truck driving jobs give drivers the opportunity to make their own schedules in between leads. They determine breaks, meals, bathroom stops and vacation time. Another perk is the greater amount of storage and living space versus team driving.

In general, solo drivers have more control over their destiny. Their success as a truck driver is up to them, there is no one else to rely on to get the job done. Time management and hard work are essential to the overall success of a solo truck driver.

Challenges of Solo Driving

Being a solo truck driver can be very demanding and mentally tough as well. Delivering loads on time and undamaged is up to the solo driver. There is no help or shared hours. In addition, operating in a solitary environment for extended periods of time can be taxing.

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