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Which CDL Endorsement is Right for Me?

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An endorsement is an authorization placed on an individual’s CDL permit. That endorsement allows the individual to operate certain types of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). That means every endorsement is an opportunity at a subset of truck driving jobs and you want to decide which endorsements you want to get.

Common CDL Endorsements to Earn

Drivers who operate the type of vehicle described in the endorsement are required to take and pass a specialized test. Some states have slightly different variations and restrictions on their CDL endorsements than others. But you will typically choose from the following:

Clicking the links will bring you to a practice test for that endorsement.

Getting Multiple CDL Endorsements

To make the most of your career, experts recommend getting as many CDL endorsements as possible, because each one will increase your employability and flexibility. Getting CDL endorsements will expand your career options because not only will you qualify for more driver jobs, you will have a built in advantage over otherwise similarly qualified job candidates.

In the short term, CDL endorsements may seem like a waste of time and money as they may not necessarily directly relate to your current job. And while it’s true you may not ever use these endorsements, to an employer you will appear more responsible and mature for going through the trouble and expense of getting all of the endorsements you’re eligible for. Which in the end, could be the key to getting your ideal job and an extra couple hundred dollars on your paycheck.

If earning your CDL-A with some extra endorsements is on your to do list, connect with a CDL school near you.


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